New Textiles 2012

Shape Changing Textile

Shape changing textile – paper slug

For this assignment I decided to use paper as a textile, and nitinol wire as an actuator. Using origami techniques I created a pleated cylinder, that would compress and decompress as syncopated spurts of current were allowed to move through the different lengths of nitinol wire threaded through the structure.

See-shell move

After multiple failed attempts of making other nitinol-based kinetic textile project, I tried making a small shell-shaped wearable brooch using felt and nitinol (shape changing alloy). Below are pictures of the first project I tried before moving on to the shell project. attempt 1 -pinwheel jacket The idea was to use the nitinol to pull […]


A “wallflower” is someone who is shy, and who no one really knows. But that person can be some of the most interesting people we have ever met. This project is a tribute to those seemingly shy, yet extraordinarily interesting people. The materials I used to make this installation include felt, 2-ply paper, heat-bound paper, about 8 […]

Hot Fold

I wanted to make something that would bloom. I used some folding patterns developed by Ron Resch and simplified them into a unit. Below is the diagram. Folding lamp Matrix I used did a series of tests to determine what the best stitch pattern for a shrinking flexinol wire. These are the diagrams: Folding lamp […]

Diamond Pleat Deformation (with nitinol spring)

trained nitinol into spring form with the threads of a screw as the mold: nitinol un-sprung: nitinol sprung: diamond pleat folded structure: nitinol spring inside: after applying heat: wiring to lilypad: mosfet setup: switch: setup in progress: So far it works with a heat gun…. d

Lifting up … then down …

Flexinol wire can exhibit an astonishing grace when it lifts up with current and then relaxes without. I find this movement particularly elegant when the piece of fabric (with flexinol stitched in) is suspended. Then, the action of lifting up with current then slowly releasing without is most balletic.

Bunny Ears

Easter is right around the corner! Bunny Ears bring a paper bunny to life as it wiggles and moves its ears. 1. Cut out the bunny shaped template pictured below. You can download the pdf version at the bottom of this post. 2. Use conductive tape, flexinol, mosfet to outline the circuitry depicted below. Use […]

Shape Changing Textile

Our assignment this week was to “create a soft, flexible, textile-based sensor and embed it in an Arduino project. Design a textile construction that changes shape using flexinol (nitinol) wire.“

Flying Kites

For my shape changing textile assignment I wanted to play with not only shape but also exposing layers/color and programmed movement.  I created two blocks of color overlayed on top of two additional pieces of felt so that when they would lift up, they would expose a new color. They also seemed to resemble kites […]


For the shape changing textile assignment I wanted to make a walking caterpillar. I used 4 Flexinol wires and made 4 flexible arcs. The idea is to mimic the caterpillar walk by shrinking each arc at a time. I designed the shape in Solidworks in sheetmatal format so I will be able to flatten in […]